Summer on the Cape

It's been awhile since I've gotten to do a local summer wedding. This year, I get two!

First up is the adorable bride, Brittany. She is on trend with fashion and very much a Cape Cod girl. Prep and style! Her wedding is at the gorgeous Wychmere Beach Club overlooking Nantucket Sound. I was thrilled when she told me that she wanted to do a modern nautical theme.

Her wedding colors are navy and green. Classic, but with the color green we chose, it adds a modern punch I'm thrilled with. Her venue needed to know what each guest was ordering for their entrée, but the venue offers such wonderful dishes, she didn't want to just say "chicken or beef." We needed a way to have a clean and simple response card without losing a ton of white space making it crowded. I came up with the perforated RSVP card. The bottom portion is the reply card and the top portion shows the menu items on the back as well as a site reminder on the front.

The bride wanted one thing more than anything else, a custom illustrated map. I am always up for a challenge and being a Bay Stater myself, I love the shape of Cape Cod. The coast line is a great one and needs showcasing! I illustrated the land and the major roadways, added cities and little icons here and there. I love how it came out and so does the bride! On the back we placed the written directions and because the front was so heavily illustrated, I wanted to keep the back clean and simplified. 

These are, by far, my favorite custom invitations I have done to date! I am thrilled with how they came out and even more thrilled with the bride's response. I'll be working on other wedding paper goodness for Brittany so keep an eye out for those!

World Collection: Fleur-de-lis

Fleur-de-lis is French for "lily flower." When many people see this symbol, they assume it is the symbol of France. Ironically, it is not associated with any French republics. It has appeared on postage stamps in France and it is associated with people of French origins though. It is currently seen on the Arms of the King of Spain and the Grand Duke of Luxembourg. It is associated with French settlements, such as Quebec, St. Louis and Louisiana. So, while it's inherent nature is certainly French, the fleur-de-lis can be seen in many other countries which makes this truly a world symbol.

- Version 2

The fleur-de-lis is instantly recognizable and therefore has been reproduced countless times in as many different styles as there are artists. For my interpretation, I wanted the shape to be rounded and soft. I want this symbol to appear inviting and supportive of the main content, not to be the main focal point. I used the ornate, brightly colored frame to draw the eye to the copy, which is always the most important part of any invitation.

- Version 2

The shape of the frame is very interesting and I wanted to use it in a new way for the save-the-date. I used only a portion of it and framed the pattern, while using the shape of the frame again to draw the eye to the content. I wanted to keep the script font classic, but the copy font has a Parisian feel to it which goes very well with the fleur-de-lis theme. Like all the previous World Collection sets, this works well not only as an invitation, but also personalized stationery.

All of the World Collection sets will be available for purchase soon. Stay tuned!

Custom Wedding: Russ & Alexa

- Version 2
I have been dying to write about Russ & Alexa's Wedding stationery since I posted about their wedding gift way back in August of 2009.

Alexa and Russ are both lawyers, so many of the cards and invites they receive are very traditional and boilerplate. They wanted something that had modern touches and would make their formal invitations stand out, but they needed it to remain classic and elegant. Starting with the illustration of the flower, I wanted it to be as basic and simple as possible while holding onto its identity as a hydrangea. This style of illustration is unusual for a wedding design and having it stripped-down to its simplest form, proved to be a wonderfully useful design element.

Hydrangea Placecards

Alexa & Russ had me create all of their wedding stationery. I made the save-the-dates, invitation package, monogram, placecards, menus and programs. Alexa had this to say about her stationery,
"The quality of all of the pieces was exceptional. Her work is imaginative and elegant! She worked with us through the entire design process. Sarah created a "logo" for us with the first letters of our first names that became an integral part of the theme for our wedding. We were so pleased with the color and design that she chose - we're still receiving compliments on her work!"
Alexa was a pleasure to work with. She was involved in the process and I feel that together we made an amazing product.

- Version 2

Custom Stationery: Bryan

- Version 2

Bryan has a strong presence, both physically and as a real estate agent. His strength needed to be shown through his personal stationery. Being an agent means suits and ties and I wanted a classic pattern, but shown in a non-traditional way. I opted to frame his notecards with the tie-inspired pattern instead of making a swath across the bottom or top as seen in more traditional stationery. I also wanted his name top and center, again as a stronger presence than the standard bottom right-hand corner. I paired the notecards with a deep, navy envelope. This was a surprise gift for Bryan from his mother and she wanted to make sure that it was a reflection of his personality so that when he saw them, he'd love them.

"I'm speechless. Bryan's note cards came today. THANK YOU...THANK YOU...THANK YOU...more times than I can say. They are stunning...the artwork, the font & your adorable & oh so whimsical logo on the if that were not enough...the beautiful & tasteful navy blue envelopes...double wow...thank you again!"  - Robin (Bryan's Mother)